Last week was a busy week in Turkey's cryptocurrency industry:

A Scammer Steal 500 Bitcoins

Safiye Gökçen Yüce of Aydin, Turkey is accused of defrauding investors who wanted to earn high dividends from Bitcoin investments. Yuce allegedly defrauded 40 people, some of whom started a Saf Safiye Gökçen Yüce Victims page on Facebook. Victims included police, doctors and other professionals. Yüce previously defrauded the Denizli citizens using the same method.

Binance Plans to Enter Turkey

Binance’s chief growth officer Ted Lin recently said Vietnam, Russia, and Turkey are top cryptocurrency growth markets. Binance,an international cryptocurrency exchange, plans to open a fiat gateway in Turkey by the end of the year for Bitcoin and Ethereum. however, Huobi Global opened theirs first.

Huobi Global Also Enters Turkey

At Huobi Global, citizens will be able to deposit their Turkish lira, which they then exchange for stablecoin Tether, and then trade it for other digital coins. Investors can potentially access 250 new cryptocurrencies on the gateway platform. The announcement, made at the Eurasia Blockchain Summit in Istanbul, included a partnership with an unnamed major bank. Huobi Global also announced the launch of a new mobile app and a Turkish version of Huobi’s trading website.

Galatasaray Spor Kulübü launches Fan Tokens

Turkish Football Club Galatasaray Spor Kulübü`will launch fan tokens with Socios, a blockchain startup for sports fans who will sell the tokens. Fans can use the Ethereum-based tokens to vote in polls about social media content, sponsorships and new product designs. Fans can also buy experiences, merchandise and games. Other football clubs also use the Socios platform.

There is always cryptocurrency news affecting the citizens of Turkey since one-fifth of the population owns some form of digital coins. The Central Bank also plans a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology is hopes of improving the country's economy.