Crypto market data provided by Coin 360 and CoinMarketCap for July 14 indicates good news for the second day in a row as the top ten cryptocurrencies held onto their small gains from the day before. While most altcoins held relatively steady in trading on Saturday following slight value increases over the previous 24 hours, some continued to advance. The continued upward trend may be small, but it follows in the aftermath of breaking news on July 13 that indictments have been handed down to twelve Russian officials for the alleged use of cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin, in an attempt to interfere with the outcome of the 2016 United States presidential election. On Friday, crypto markets reversed a downward turn that had begun on July 10, mounting a comeback that provided Bitcoin with an a modest value increase of over one percent, pushing it up to $6,274 in trading. Bitcoin has managed to maintain the increase over the course of the day on Saturday, but is still trading lower than its high of nearly $6,800 on July 9. Other top ten cryptocurrencies are also displaying modest 24 hour increases, mostly in the one to two percent range. This includes the number one altcoin, Ethereum, which is up nearly one percent in value to $435. The seventh largest altcoin, Stellar, saw the largest percentage increaee in value over the past 24 hours. It was up five percent to $0.21. Eighth largest altcoin, Cardano, is down slightly by 0.01, making it the only top ten cryptocurrency that is trading down in price over the past 24 hours. The latest healthy news is encouraging to a cryptocurrency market that had lost nearly $30 billion in total market capitalization this week since July 10. The crypto markets appeared to be relatively unscathed by the major headline news of the Russian indictments, maintaining their positive momentum and poising them for a strong start to the new week.