The prices of leading cryptocurrencies have remained stable, with most digital currencies experiencing less than 2% changes. Bitcoin is currently trading at $6,473, which represents a negligible change from the day before. On October 17, it briefly rose to $6,965 — which corresponded with Tether's fall — but since then it has been remarkably stable. The currency is experiencing a stability that it has not seen in 17 months. While it is up 3.3% for the week, it is up only 0.23% for the month. As for Tether, it, too, is experiencing stability. Last week, for a brief period it fell below its dollar peg, but it since has bounced back. It is right now trading at $0.979, which is just 1% lower than the day before. Ethereum has also been stable. It is right now up 0.63% to trade at $205. Like Bitcoin, it spiked a bit last week before returning to its current range. For the month, the digital currency is up 3%, but for the week it is down 2.7%. One of the strongest leading alternative coins has been Bitcoin Cash. It is up 1.4% to trade at $447. Among the smaller coins, Zcash is up nearly 4% to trade at just under $125. Its performance has been good enough to replace Dogecoin as the 20th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Among the top 20 digital currencies, the biggest fall was experienced by the Binance exchange token, but it only fell 0.56%. At the moment, the total market value of all digital currencies is a little less than $210 billion. Earlier this week, it spiked to around $220 billion, but it has remained around its current level since then. In other cryptocurrency news, Ernst and Young — which is one of the leading auditors in the world — released a report about initial coin offerings (ICOs) in 2017. It said that 86% of them are trading below their listing price and 30% of them have lost nearly all their value. Also, Ethereum announced that it would delay a planned hard fork of its protocol until January of next year.