In 2017, cryptocurrencies and block chain technology were hot. In 2018, their not. This is bad news for people already holding them, but potentially good news for investing new money. A good plan is to wait until they hit bottom and then get in on some good deals.

Prices above $7,000, On February 06, they hit a low of $6,075.04. They may drop that far again. We would call it a bull market if it exceeds $8,000.

Ethereum has dropped by more than half, from $870 on March 05 to $358 on April 01. There are concerns that it might go as low as $300. Waiting for it to bottom out and then buy would be a good strategy.

Bitcoin Cash hit $741.6764 on April 03. It may drop down below $600. Wait for it to change direction before buying.

Ripple is valued at under a dollar. If it was a stock, it would be called penny stock. Its position is currently bearish, but the low price point makes it potentially attractive to some buyers for that reason alone.

Stellar is also the equivalent of a penny stock, but even cheaper than Ripple. If you are risk tolerant and have timing flexibility, this is a great currency to start getting some experience as a new cryptocurrency trader.

Litecoin is currently above $100, but is expected to drop as low as $84.708. If it does drop that low, that would be a good time to start buying.

Cardano is expected to start a new uptrend. If it sustains it for at least three days, that would be a good time to buy.

The direction NEO is taking is unclear. It could go up or down. It would be best to wait for it to hit bottom before putting money into it.

At under $10, EOS continues to be an affordable investment for new traders. We recommend buying at the $7.50 mark with a stop loss of $5.