Duncan Garner, the host of MagicTalkRadio’s The AM Show and a radio personality in New Zealand, has denied reports that he was promoting Bitcoin (BTC) on social media.

I Don’t Use This Coin

However, on August 26th, NewsHub, a daily local news outlet, showed a video featuring Garner denying any involvement in promoting Bitcoin on Facebook.

During an interview regarding a recent breach of privacy in New Zealand’s government, Garner claims he hasn’t been on Facebook in several years, has not been using social media to promote the currency, and insists that he doesn’t use this type of currency because it’s not for him. People continue to ask him about Bitcoin, as they assume he is pushing the currency.

Cryptocurrency Impersonation

Promotion and impersonation of cryptocurrency sales aren't entirely unheard of. Bitmain, a manufacturer of cryptocurrency mining hardware, has accused another company of using its name in August to promote their product, Bitmain Cloud Miner.

Bitmain management asserts that the manufacturer behind Bitmain Cloud Miner imitated Bitmain so they could promote their own software, including the Mangocoin (MNG) token and the miner itself.

Bitmain reminds their potential and existing customers to make sure they identify the service provider correctly when they are purchasing their products, to purchase or sign up for things online only after careful consideration, and remain alert regarding fraud, illegal fundraising, distorted promotions, and other malevolent activities online.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK has faced concerns with impersonation, including criminals who have been deliberately impersonating regulators to promote cryptocurrency assets. The impostors likely sent out scam e-mails pretending to be from the Financial Conduct Authority with the subject heading “guaranteed opportunity to earn.” The e-mails also include the UK regulator’s branding and logo. The real Financial Conduct Authority has denied any involvement with the e-mails, stating that the campaign is linked to fraudulent activity.