The world of non-fungible tokens is getting more dynamic and exciting as each day passes. It is highly unusual for a week to go by without significant headlines from the NFT sector, and this week is no exception. Here are some of the most significant NFT developments that unfolded the week before Christmas:

The Late Whitney Houston Enters the NFT Space

A digital auction of Whitney Houston's memorabilia such as an unreleased recording and never-before seen videos was conducted on the OneOf NFT platform. The track was sold for a million dollars; it reportedly includes the physical master. OneOf released the results of this auction, which raised over $1.2 million in total for nonprofit organizations, in celebration of Houston’s iconic contribution to music. All proceeds were used to support The Whitney Museum of American Art, Houston’s longtime gallery home. The collection featured more than 40 of Houston’s private and professional images from childhood to the 1990s, including photographs, home movies, scrapbooks and album art.

Former First Lady of the United States Issues NFT

Melania Trump has entered the NFT segment with a collectible watercolor painting of her eyes. Melania's Vision was released on the Ethereum blockchain as a set of NFTs meant to inspire women and give them more power over their finances. The former First Lady has explained that she learned about cryptocurrencies during her husband's tumultuous presidential term, and she wants to promote digital currency investing to business-minded women.

Casual and Fast-Food Chains Get Into NFTs

Applebee's has joined Domino's Pizza and Taco Bell in the NFT game. The American restaurant chain is issuing NFTs for works of art depicting some of is menu items. A painting of a burger meal featured in the first NFT sold on Applebee's website was previously unveiled at the Miami Art Basel Fair. Since then, it has been the centerpiece of Vittoria's pop-up exhibition, which opened earlier this week in Brooklyn. The exhibition is also open until the end of the month. The technology that underlies digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is increasingly being used in the creation of artworks known as “crypto-art.”