It's been an interesting few years for Bitcoin. Although many financial institutions have seen the power and potential of blockchain, most large firms have been reticent to invest a great deal in crypto. And much of the logic behind this reticence is the fact that crypto has had a volatile history when it comes to prices. Unlike the traditional stock market, these numbers can fluctuate wildly over the course of a day. And sometimes, as was the case with the crypto winter of 2018, prices have stayed low for quite some time. Luckily, those numbers shot up a great deal over the first few quarters of 2019 — and remained consistent at around $10,000.

For a while, the crypto market was shockingly stable. Especially for onlookers who are accustomed to seeing wild dips, it was shocking to see Bitcoin and altcoins remain relatively flat over the course of several months. All of that came to an end last week, however, when BTC took a dive back down to the $8,000 range. Of course, many in the crypto community are still relentless bullish about its ultimate prospects. For a coin that cost approximately nine cents just one decade ago, it has done remarkably well over the course of its existence, surpassing all stocks on the market. In the coming weeks and months, however, it should be interesting to see how well it performs. Many in the community are waiting for some big announcements before initiating more investments. With regulatory factors affecting prices across the world, it's not shocking that newer investors are hesitant about dipping their toes into the notoriously wild market. But for those who believe in the ultimate power of BTC, there's probably never been a better time to pick up some coins at a much lower rate than usual.