Investing is a field that many experts have made grand amounts of money in but far too many inexperienced investors have lost a grand amount of money in. The trend of cryptocurrency has been one that many inexperienced investors have become interested in. With the newness of this type of investing, many experienced investors are left scratching their heads at all of the inexperienced investors dumping their life savings into such a strange market. Nouriel Roubini went as far as to state that 99 percent of cryptocurrencies are worth zero. The bubble has popped While cryptocurrency was popular for a short amount of time, this trend lasted just about as long as Beanie Babies did. While there was a time to strike while the iron was hot, this time has passed. Many imitators began creating cryptocurrencies of their own to compete with market leaders like Bitcoin. However, ad Roubini stated, most of these currencies are worth zero. While there was a short window that was available to make money on trading these cryptocurrencies, many investors agree that this time has come and gone. There is little to no intrinsic value in cryptocurrency When you invest in a company like Target, you can actually go to the store and buy yourself some bagels. Even if you are investing in traditional currencies, you can liquidate your assets and go buy a baseball ticket. However, there is little to no intrinsic value with these cryptocurrencies. There are far too many cryptocurrencies to count With the rise in popularity, more currencies that are almost even able to count have been created. With so much competition and a sea of options, investors don't know where to put their money in this market. There is no volume for these currencies hence there is no trading going on. These are just a few reasons why most cryptocurrencies aren't worth anything. You would be better off just investing in penny stocks at this point.