The roller coaster ride of cryptocurrency continues. Not only do cryptocurrencies rise and fall as it relates to their trading value, but they also rise and fall in market dominance. For a while, Bitcoin has been the leader in cryptocurrency in the American and international marketplaces. This year, Bitcoin has vacillated between a 66 percent market share and a 33 percent market share, with smaller rises and falls between. As of late August 2018, Bitcoin's market share seems to be on the rise again. Only time will tell if it will continue to dominate in the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrencies are experiencing what investors call a "bear market." The bear market is wild and topsy-turvy, making it difficult to predict what will happen and when it will happen. The big drop in Bitcoin dominance of the market in December 2017 may have been related to the discovery of other types of cryptocurrencies available for exchange on the various trading venues. The rise in the value of Bitcoin has so far been inversely related to its market dominance. When Bitcoin's value goes up, its market share goes down. Perhaps investors see this as a good time to reap some profit and invest in other cryptocurrency options. Maybe others feel that Bitcoin has reached its maximum value and want to get out while they can guarantee a profit on their investments. Another reason why Bitcoin's market dominance and value have seen rapid shifts may be due to the fact that so-called "main street investors" have entered into the trading marketplace. By now, more people have heard of cryptocurrency. While it used to be the purvey of professional traders who make trades day in and day out every day that the exchanges are open, cryptocurrency has now captured the attention of casual traders and investors who see an opportunity to grow their investments. They may have been watching the cryptocurrency market for a while in order to get a feel for its value, the volume of trading and the direction of the market in the USA and in the international marketplace.