The crypto market has been in a tight range for quite some time now. This consolidation can only be shaken out with the help of a strong catalyst. You know what? The breakout of this range can result in a new trend that may remain in action for a couple of days. It is not easy to predict an event that can trigger the traders’ response. However, taking a calculated guess is not a hard thing. One of the events that can generate movement is the Bitcoin ETF proposals’ outcome. For the first few days, crypto has not been affected in any way by the downward trend experienced in the stock market. We expect a great deal of money to move to cryptocurrencies if this positive performance continues. A quick look at the best five performers:1. EOS/USD EOS has been doing well since it was announced that sellers can carry out transactions free of charge. In this year, EOS/USD pair got into its lowest on the month of March 18. During this period, it was at about 3.8723 U.S. dollars. It moved to a high of about 23.0290 U.S. dollars on April 29, an increase of 494% within a period of fewer than two months. In the month of August, the currency has been trading within a range of 6.8299 to 4.4930 U.S. dollars. A breakdown of the range can retest critical support at 3.8723 U.S. dollars, below which the decline can move to 3 and 2.4 U.S. dollars. On the other side, a breakout of 6.8299 U.S. dollars can move the prices to 9.4456 U.S. dollars.2. XRP/USD Ripple has been in the headlines for the last few days because of how it has been working hard to improve its payment methods. The Q3 sales reached 163.33 million U.S. dollars. This was a 122% increase in sales of 73.53 million U.S. dollars made in the previous quarter.3. ETC/USD According to Donald McIntyre, who was the Morgan Stanley’s Vice President, Ethereum Classic has been doing very well in the crypto industry. The ETC/USD has been trading at a support of about 9.5 U.S. dollars for more than a month now. This is actually a critical support level since it hasn’t been broken since end-May of the previous year. In case the bears move prices below 9.5 U.S. dollars, the next support is likely to move to about 5.2 U.S. dollars.4. DASH/USD It was recently announced that the Uphold will be integrated into the Dash mobile wallet. The plans to form a partnership between FuzeX and Dash have been received with joy from the traders. The DASH/USD has not been doing well for the last 20 weeks. At the end of August, the bulls tried to move the prices higher but the efforts didn’t bear fruits because there was no follow-up buying. Currently, the pair is at the lows of about 129.58 U.S. dollars.5. XMR/USD Although Monero’s bulletproofs upgrade lowered the withdrawal fees by around 95%, there wasn’t a significant change in the trend. The XMR/USD has a strong support of about 81 U.S. dollars which hasn’t been broken for a period close to one year. This is actually a level to take note of on the downward side. Currently, this cryptocurrency has been trading at a range of 128.65 to 100.453 U.S. dollars. A break at the lower side of this range can retest the 81-U.S. dollar levels. On the other hand, a breakout of a range may bring a rally to about 150 U.S. dollars.