The cryptocurrency stable coin issuer Tether has received a request from prosecutors asking to consolidate the multiple lawsuits against the company into one. Tether did not deny the request. It currently faces three separate lawsuits. Tether released a statement on January 17, 2020. In it, the firm stated that it did not oppose the request of the plaintiffs to combine the frivolous claims against the firm. The lawsuits were originally filed in New York in October, in Washington in November and in New York again in January.

Different entities have suspected that Tether, along with Bitfinex, has engaged in foul play several times since its founding. One of the more recent charges against them claims that together, Tether and Bitfinex allegedly caused the bull run of Bitcoin in 2017 by engaging in illegal activities. The result is these three lawsuits, which can now be combined for simultaneous prosecution.

The legal counsel for the lawsuits, law firm Leibowitz, Young and Faubus, sent a letter to the presiding judge on January 16. The letter included a request to merge the three lawsuits. In the letter, prosecutors mentioned overlap in multiple areas. These similarities suggest that consolidation could be more efficient for the purposes of prosecution.

Tether issued a statement noting that there is one additional pending claim. It is another class action lawsuit filed in New York in the past few days. The Tether leadership also expects this fourth lawsuit to be added to the other three. The leadership added that none of the four cases presents a claim worth any merit.

Tether leadership went on to say that the prosecutors' research is wrong. They added that the research makes use of data specially selected to fit the narrative they already came up with. It creates a solid misunderstanding of cryptocurrency and demand for Tether. The Tether team added that it will continue to defend its digital token and the whole ecosystem. They explained that the contributions of the cryptocurrency community are great and widespread. They added that their firm and affiliates never attempted to manipulate the market or pricing of coins.