Six blockchain businesses have been recognized by the World Economic Forum on its annual list of 100 companies that are Technology Pioneers. The 2020 list and the ones before it describe early to growth-stage businesses that are innovating and developing new technology. On the World Economic Forum website, blockchain and cryptocurrency startups are recognized for the innovations and technologies they have created. Some of this year's award winners include Lightning Labs, Chainlink and MakerDAO. There are also several Bitcoin analysis firms in the mix. Those businesses include Elliptic, a new Latin America-based cryptocurrency startup Ripio and Veridium Labs.

These businesses are part of the list of 100 companies from around the world that deserve recognition for their cutting-edge technology contributions. Those contributions range form quantum computing systems to carbon capturing and removal technologies. There is a firm on the list that creates cell-grown meat production. Another business developed technology for using microbes in order to track the movement of goods. There are businesses listed for technology that diagnoses cancer and new innovations within artificial intelligence.

Technology Pioneers aims to highlight some of the World Economic Forum's events, activities and initiatives. The 100 companies joining the community this year have brought new insight and ways of thinking in order to carry on critical global conversations.

One of the recipients, Chainlink, was thrilled by the honor. Its co-founder, Sergey Nazarov, expressed a lot of excitement about the honor. He said that using smart contracts on blockchain has allowed them to create vast economic and social developments. His business is thrilled to play a role in increasing accountability and boosting automation in local and global economies. The firm looks forward to contributing to future dialogues.

The World Economic Forum has recognized upcoming and top-notch technology companies since 2000. The Technology Pioneers listing is now in its 20th year. In the past, firms that are now household names have been on the list. Spotify, Twitter and Google are a few. These days, blockchain businesses are likely to make the list. In 2015, Ripple was the first blockchain business to earn a Technology Pioneer award.