Craig Steven Wright is a controversial figure in the world of cryptocurrencies. Since 2017, he has successfully filed over 100 blockchain patents. This impressive number makes Wright an important player in the crypto community. Despite having been an active voice on Twitter, Wright has since deleted his account. He used to publish his thoughts on Bitcoin SV, anonymity and the state of other cryptocurrencies. Wright is also known for claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Here are a few important details that everyone should know about Craig Wright

His biography is rich, but not verifiable.

There is a lot of information circulating about the life of Craig Wright. However, it seems there are as many facts as there are questions about this character. According to some official papers related to his registered companies, Wright was born in Australia in October of 1970. According to an older Business Insider article referencing Wright's LinkedIn profile, he graduated from Padua Catholic College in 1987. There have also been reports that Wright dabbled in the culinary arts and worked as a chef while attending the University of Queensland. After studying, it appears that Wright became the CEO of 15 different companies. He has even claimed to have been shot twice.

Wright claimed to be the founder of Bitcoin

Wright only became famous in the crypto community after claiming to be the founder of Bitcoin. Satoshi Nakamoto became the moniker for the anonymous creator of the most famous cryptocurrency after the actual founder or group of founders refused to be revealed. Wired and Gizmodo, popular tech outlets, released similar reports in 2014 that revealed leaked documents from a source closely associated with Wright. Although Wright has accepted these claims, he has not provided sufficient proof to justify the reports.

He has made many blockchain patents.

According to Hard Fork, Wright has filed over a hundred patents to the World Intellectual Property Organization. WIPO has published 155 of those patents filed by Craig Wright. All of these patents were submitted through nChain, one of his many blockchain companies. Thirty-five of these patents were published in 2017.