In the first few days of March 2020, StormX made an announced that it is integrating StormShop for iOS and Android users. This will allow them to earn cryptocurrency back when they do some online shopping. The goal of the integration is to improve the eCommerce experience for sellers and buyers. The sellers offer up to 40 percent cashback in different cryptocurrencies. Those cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ether, LTC, DAI and Storm. StormShop pairs with StormPlay's mobile app. About 2.5 million people have downloaded and used the app since its launch in January 2014.

The CEO and co-founder of StormX, Simon Yu, offered his thoughts on the integration of the platform. He said that they are now able to offer rewards to shoppers with some of the most secure and popular cryptocurrencies when those shoppers patronize their preferred stores. They are excited about the expansions and think that it will make it easier for everyday consumers to get involved with cryptocurrency investments.

The StormX service allows the consumer to connect with some top companies, including Samsung, Microsoft and GameStop. There are another 400 retailers from different industries, including entertainment, food and travel that are included in the cashback cryptocurrency program. In an interview, Yu noted that there are new products that StormX plans to release to the public in the upcoming months. One of those is a feature for the StormX rewards program. Through the reward program, they will incentivize the tokens and offer new cashback options.

StormX will release more details soon about those new rewards. He also added that StormX will be adding support in Korean. They also plan to target other nations, including China and Brazil, and offer support in the primary languages spoken in those countries. This integration is happening at a time when the business is already in the midst of expanding in Canada. It has also recently announced a partnership with the Litecoin Foundation for its StormPlay and StormShop consumer services. StormX is based in Seattle. It is a blockchain startup focused on allowing consumers to get cashback from a mobile device when they're online.