DeFi has upended the face of the cryptocurrency market in 2021. It's attracted institutional investors as well as retail traders. The traditional financial sector is even warming up to it and the blockchain technology that it relies on. Although most of the DeFi protocols that have a large volume and value use the Ethereum network, an increasingly high fee structure and slow transaction processing time have facilitated the development of alternative platforms. these alternates include Serum, which is a DEX that uses Solana blockchain. Serum is rising in both market share and popularity.

Recent market analyses show that the Serum SRM token has gone up by 127% in two days. That's mostly thanks to an all-time high of $11.47 reached on April 26. There was $1.621 billion in trading volume that day. One of the major reasons why Serum is growing so quickly is the blockchain it uses. Solana also had a price surge on April 26. New users and projects keep going onto the platform.

The surge in SRM is related to an increase in front-end user interfaces. They offer access to Serum's trading functions. Those trading functions have boosted total activities levels on the DEX. They have also led to an increase in token value. Two examples are Bonfida and Raydium. They caused the original swap user interface to depreciate. Both are having a big boost in API requests today.

Token holders on Serum can stake their tokens and earn a yield from trading fees. They can also do a buy-and-burn, which lowers the circulating supply. Lower supply leads to higher value of the tokens. Overall, it has a bullish outlook. One analyst took a look at Serum's price and noted that it had a rally of 130% in two days. Even though DeFi is still in its early development and those with the big money are just now trying it, the DEXs like Solana and Serum could be the next generation of platforms that will take blockchain to the general populace. Once blockchain reaches the general population, it will have a chance to rapidly grow in value.