Ronnie Moas, a prominent analyst who prdicted the price spike for Bitcoin in June, now claims that signals suggest the end price of the world's largest cryptocurrency could land between $300,000 and $400,000.

During the summer months, when Bitcoin was only trading around $2,500, Moas suggested that it would close 2017 at a price over $5,000. At the time, this leap seemed outlandish to most, but this analyst based this growth expectation on statistics and expected trends he identified through his work as the founder of Standpoint Research.

Today, Ronnie Moas and an independent analyst both say the finite limit on supply of Bitcoin inherently will drive the price significantly higher than it is right now.

On the other hand, many (most of whom did NOT predict Bitcoin's meteoric rise) say this is just a bubble waiting to pop.

Needless to say, we'll be along for the wild ride, regardless.