Those who have followed recent political developments with Russia may be surprised to discover that the country has been somewhat of an upstart when it comes to promoting blockchain technology. While other countries have been more hesitant about immediately adopting blockchain, Russia has embraced the new technology and has even been experimenting with using it for very important purposes. Just last December, in fact, an election was held in Saratov Oblast, which is situated in the southern region of Russia. Over 40,000 people participated in the voting process, but this election was different than any other in the past. A system called Polys, which was developed by the highly respected Kaspersky Labs less than two years ago, was used. And Saratov Oblast isn't the only region where blockchain-based voting is being conducted in Russia. Just last month, the capital city of Moscow submitted a bill to allow voting backed by the blockchain. Since free and fair elections have traditionally been an issue in Russia, it seems that this could finally be a solution that might make voters trust election integrity more. The party United Russia definitely seems to see some value in this proposed new system, which is why they have developed a platform for it. Updating websites to allow for blockchain-based voting in the future, they clearly believe that this is where the world is heading. Although it is located halfway around the world from Moscow, some might be surprised to learn that Denver is not far behind. For its municipal elections in May, the Colorado city plans to make use of a smartphone app that is based in the blockchain. The National Cybersecurity Center, Tusk Philanthropies and the platform Voatz will be combining forces to ensure that the Denver election proceeds safely and smoothly. If this goes well, it won't be shocking to see other American cities following in short order.