Roger Ver, the first investor known to provide capital funding to cryptocurrency startups, thinks that his Twitter postings about Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are being blocked. On July 19, Ver posted a Twitter update complaining that his comments on BCH payments made with Near Field Communications (NFC) technology were never posted, and he believes that the reason is because he is promoting alternative means to sovereign currencies.

This is not the first time Ver has complained about social media platforms silencing cryptocurrency promoters. A month ago, Ver was the first to report that YouTube had blocked the channel managed by, but the issue was later clarified by YouTube moderators who claim to have suspended the account by mistake.

It is possible that Ver's Twitter posts may have been caught by a content moderation bot specifically looking for the hackers who recently took control of high-profile accounts in order to conduct a Bitcoin scam. Ver was initially believed to have been targeted by the hackers, but this was not the case. There are no other explanations as to why Ver would be silenced on Twitter; after all, thousands of tweets about BCH and other digital currencies are posted on an hourly basis.

BCH payments made with NFC technology are not exactly new. In February 2008, a team of developers released a special BCH wallet that could complete transactions in just a few seconds thanks to NFC connectivity. The Handcash wallet was promoted as a solution that would not only simplify transactions but also make them contact-less; at a time when the coronavirus pandemic calls for solutions that minimize contact and close interaction, NFC funds transfers would be very convenient, and this is probably what Roger Ver wanted to call attention to with his failed tweets.

Handcash and other NFC payment solutions have been undergoing beta testing for a couple of years. One of the challenges that cryptocurrency developers face is that Apple and Google are constantly updating their respective mobile operating systems, thus requiring adjustments to cryptocurrency operations. Even though the BCH blockchain has been praised for being more dynamic and practical than Bitcoin, the token has not been able to achieve widespread adoption.