Business news of the week, May 20th – 26th: Top News, changes in prices, Prediction and FUD of this Week. Top Chronicles of this Week. Craig Wright not recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto by copyright registration. It is not yet established if the copyright regulation of the United States for the Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin white paper identified Craig Wright, a computer scientist and an Australian, as Satoshi Nakamoto even after he filed a lawsuit against the organization. Over the week, Wright’s spokesperson revealed to the Financial Times that it was the first government organization to identify Craig Wright as the founder of the global digital currency. Many members of the crypto community have doubted this claim. Tether claims that it invested its reserves into Bitcoin and some other Assets. Tether, the Stablecoin issuer claimed this week that it had cashed some of its funds in Bitcoin in a court filing. The documents presented in the court indicated that an attorney of Bitfinex, a firm associated with Tether, recorded that Tether truly invested in instruments, cash and bitcoin before the order of April 24th. The statement continued to reveal that Tether had also invested in other resources. USD Stablecoins Hit Spot Trading Volume Record Highs, With USDT Still Dominating Market. Dier, a cryptocurrency research firm announced this week that the United States Dollar Stablecoins industry capitalization had achieved the unsurpassed highs that went beyond $4billion. According to the data, stablecoins reached a market capitalization of approximately $4.3 billion. This week’s prediction. Anthony Grisant: Bitcoin Soon to Move Back to $7,000, Markets to Consolidate. A renowned cryptocurrency trader associated with the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYME), Antony Grisant, predicted over the week that there is a high likelihood for bitcoin to decline to $7,000 for a short period, after which the market will stabilize again. The cryptocurrency trader also noted that buyers had reduced their purchasing strengths as indicated by the declining volumes in the past few weeks. Fears, Uncertainty and Doubts of the week. Reports indicate that two Miners attacked Bitcoin Cash Blockchain within the week. Two miners, who are said to own majority connection and control in and, are reported to have completed a huge hit on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain.