Quite a Week for YFI It's been quite a volatile past few days for Yearn.finance. After all, it is not that common to see prices skyrocketing from $33,000 to almost $46,000 in a matter of hours. However, YFI is anything but common. And with all of the positive news swirling around it recently, perhaps it shouldn't come as such a surprise that the market is showing great interest in its offerings. With DeFi growth the key phrase on everyone's lips these days, it seems certain that YFI's commitment to a DeFi world sparked massive attention. And with Grayscale reportedly registering for a YFI trust in Delaware, tongues in the crypto community have been wagging about all of the endless possibilities.

Cointelegraph Portends a Fabulous Future Days Before Massive Hike Before the general population was talking about YFI, Cointelegraph's VORTECS™ score registered an uptick in favorability for YFI. The VORTECS™ score takes into account factors such as historical conditions, volume of trading, and even the way traders are feeling about certain projects in order to prognosticate what might be looming in the near future. VORTECS™ will even factor in Twitter trends. In this case, it appears to have worked very well, predicting that there would be a great deal of demand for YFI.

A Goal to Become the Best DeFi System After all of the recent news and developments, there can be no doubt that the YFI team is extremely ambitious. With a penchant for working with the best in the business, they have laid claim to the DeFi throne as it stands. A partnership with BadgerDAO promises BTC vaults, the likes of which have never been seen before. With this partner, YFI plans to expands its reach and improve the user experience. All in all, it should be a very exciting experiment for everyone who cares about expanding BTC reach and exploring the future of DeFi.