How much do common investors know about decentralized finance technology? Can you trust a DeFi platform based on its prospectus or the "About Us" section of its website? A few DeFi startups have been trying to break down this barrier of entry for consumers, and will create the first regulated and compliant platform for non-expert users to manage their crypto assets through their mobile wallet or online browser.

QuickSwap is a tech startup that has been gaining attention from investors who believe they can teach the masses about DeFi through the magic of user experience (UX) design. Among the various products offered by QuickSwap, which offers a token trading under the QUICK symbol, is a DeFi digital wallet. We know that a crypto wallet is a crucial tool that helps keep users’ funds safe, secure, and decentralized. This is why wallets often come with security features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-signature options for transactions.

A recent research report by Chainalysis found that only 30% of cryptocurrency holders had implemented 2FA on their digital wallets, and more than 10% didn’t use their private keys for their wallets at all. Crypto wallet users today face the daunting task of being both beginners and experts. They have to learn how to store cryptocurrencies and the ins and outs of crypto investing before they can begin utilizing new tools for their funds. But they also need to spend hours on end monitoring and maintaining their wallets before they even begin.

But that’s about to change. Crypto wallet apps are rapidly becoming mainstream; they easily link to trading accounts, and they can certainly connect to DeFi exchanges such as QuickSwap. It is up to decentralized exchange managers to make the process painless for prospective clients. You want them to use your token in order to keep the operation profitable, but users mostly care about the safety of their tokens and the ease of operating their digital wallets as well as their trading portfolios. Coinbase is a great example in this regard, and this is the inspiration that the QuickSwap development team looks up to as the service expands.