When it comes to individual cryptocurrency investors, we tend to find two main and distinct categories. Active traders thrive on the speculation and volatility that have surrounded the markets ever since Bitcoin became a digital investment commodity. The other category prefers to hold onto the tokens they have acquired in order to play the long game.

Active traders can make substantial gains during times of relative uncertainty by trading on a volatile exchange. They have no need to purchase a specific cryptocurrency because when the Bitcoin price drops, the price of some competing tokens will almost certainly rise. Needless to say, active trading of digital currencies can be akin to playing a dangerous game.

Let's talk about those cryptocurrency investors who are holding on for dear life. Let's talk about those cryptocurrency investors who are holding on for dear life. Those are the true believers. They aren't worried about the short-term gains and their portfolio is relatively stable, but some of them are concerned about the price of the next wave of coins on the blockchain.

Despite being long on the cryptocurrency market, long-term holders often wonder if there are additional ways they can put their investments to work. It so happens that yes, there are ways to accomplish this, and one of the most recommended is to take advantage of strategies that pay interest. A couple of digital currency exchange platforms have started to reward investors who make a commitment to keep their long positions as long as possible, but what about those investors who prefer to keep their tokens safely stashed away in their digital wallets?

Cryptocurrency lending services have emerged as the answer to the aforementioned question. Similar to the social lending platforms that flourished in the heyday of the Web 2.0 paradigm of personal computing, these lending services allow investors to put their tokens to work by offering them up as peer-to-peer lending schemes. HodlNaut is one of these services, and it is getting a lot of attention because of its security features and the fact that it is a financial entity licensed by the Singapore Monetary Authority.