MiL.k Alliance, which is a rewards points platform for blockchain, has paired with Southeast Asian travel reservations platform Yanolja. It will have a rewards points compatibility and usage setup. The planned integration with South Korea's rapidly growing online travel service means that Yanolja participants can connect their app with the MiL.k app in order to earn rewards. They can also access promotions from MiL.k.

Earning rewards points can be a challenge. Transferring or selling them is even tougher or impossible in some cases. Points usually require usage with the originating company. MiL.k's blockchain system focuses on travel for lifestyles and leisure. It allows the customer to earn points in those sectors of the economy and on its own platform.

In a statement from MiL.k, the firm's management said that customers can use or exchange their points on the platform in different ways. It will allow for more compatibility and flexibility. Yanolja also added an access component. It works in the transportation, leisure and lodging areas. The platform will work with a large quantity of mainstream businesses throughout South Korea.

This latest framework development for hosting the blockchain technology from MiL.k suggests that a centralized location for holding reward points from different companies could be a wise move for the future. Customers can earn Yanolija Coins. Those are compatible with the MiL.k platform, or they will be after the planned May platform update.

By participating in the alliance, service companies can increase the usefulness of their rewards points. This is an obvious benefit to the clients of those companies. CEO Jayden Jo of MiL.k Alliance added that as more partners are brought into the system, the platform can serve as an efficient marketing tool. Partnering can operate paired promotions and events that target the large pool of customers using the platform.

CEO Jo added that the business's future plans involve branching out into more sectors of the economy. They may want to add culture so that more people can use the platform for rewards. In autumn 2019, the Japanese exchange Coincheck also tried a rewards points program for cryptocurrency asset redemption.