The cryptocurrency formerly known as Digital Cash is expected to undergo a significant platform upgrade. Members of the Dash core development team recently announced completion of version 0.14 of the Dash platform, which signals the third release in the group's new release schedule. From now on, upgrades can be expected every six weeks or so.

Among the new features and upgrades that will be part of Dash version 0.14, an element that stands out is the decentralized application programming interface (DAPI), which will be the main integration point for all third-party applications. Outside development of Dash blockchain apps has not been as active as that of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Ripple; with DAPI, the Dash development team expects to see greater participation.

DAPI is replacing the former Insight integration API for Dash. The access functionality and security are still the same, but the development environment and the user interface are far more accessible and friendly. Another advantage of the new DAPI feature is that client applications will now be able to seek a node point connection if the original one goes down for any reason. The new DashPay digital wallet will enjoy the benefit of faster upgrades through the new DAPI system. Along with a revamped platform, Dash applications will now have a test suite that will function as a sandbox environment. With a new and more active product release cycle coming before the end of the year, Dash users should expect more features and greater functionality over the next few months.

Dash is one of those digital currency tokens that many analysts believe should have greater market capitalization and circulation. Similar to Ripple, Dash has a dedicated business team that has been very active in recent years; for example, Dash is accepted at many retail point of sale locations in Venezuela, a country where the fiat currency has been devalued to the point of being worthless. In the same country, Dash has partnered with smartphone distributors to include a digital wallet app in each new device. The Dash business team is also looking into the possibility of forging new partnerships in Africa.