"OKEx held a live AMA with their Markets Pro analyst team on Aug 20th, providing insights into critical current topics in the market.

During the AMA session, OKEx shared their thoughts and ideas about cryptocurrency trading and regulation. Additionally, they also provided information regarding DeFi (Decentralized Finance) and industry trends and developments.

OKEx shared their insights on Chinese regulations, saying: "The regulation of cryptocurrency is a global trend, and we believe that fiat currencies around the world will be digitalized in the future. Therefore, governments will want to regulate it (I am not saying cryptocurrency is immune from government regulations), but will need to do so in a way that protects the interests of their citizens."

They also shared their opinion on Manipulation, saying: "Manipulation is an issue that everyone acknowledges in the industry. The practice is somewhat common in traditional financial markets, but it doesn't mean we should stay silent about practices like this in crypto. Our mission is to make OTC trading transparent, open, and compliant. We believe that the crypto market will not thrive without proper regulation. We intend to streamline crypto regulation globally."

OKEx also provided an update on their recent delisting of 90 trading pairs which has caused some controversy in the community due to users losing their funds. They explained: "We don't remove trading pairs because we dislike them, and we don't 'buy back' the tokens to burn them. We're a leading digital asset exchange constantly trying to improve our customer ecosystem from experience; flexible regulation can bring more issues than benefits. So we'll be glad to discuss with you and provide more information if needed. But we will not delist any trading pairs because of that."

OKEx shared insights on the exchanges they are planning to launch soon: "We're working hard to build our presence in several countries, such as Malta, South Korea, the UK, and the US, but this is a process, not something that could be done overnight…in other words... stay tuned!"