On August 13, it was announced that NULS, which offers an enterprise-grade blockchain platform, has teamed up with Aleph, which offers a cross-blockchain network. The two have just completed testing of a staking service that they are calling Staked Coin Output (SCO), which is introducing a new kind of reward model for those willing to stake their digital currency.

According to a press release that the companies issued, NULS community members can stake their NULS tokens for tokens linked to other projects that run on the NULS platform, such as Aleph. During the testing phase of the staking service, Aleph reportedly acquired more than two million staked NULS tokens, which at current prices amounts to about $1.25 million.

Reaper Ran, who is the co-founder of NULS, says that SCO can fast-track good projects as well as spur innovation. He added that what is great about this system is that there is no risk to investors, as community members are only staking their NULS rewards and not any principal.

NULS is quickly becoming a popular digital asset platform. At the end of last month, the CCID Research Institute in China released its latest monthly rankings of cryptocurrency projects. The institute, which is funded by the country's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, assigns each project an index that takes into account the project's use of technology, its innovation and its applicability. Based on this criteria, it found NULS to be the 4th leading project.

The CCID Research Institute's index is not the only of its kind. INDX, which runs an investment fund, recently calculated the top 10 proof-of-stake (PoS) digital currencies, based on their expected yields. They quantified this number by taking into account each currency's volatility, trading volume, liquidity, risk and integrity. Based on this, they believe that the top 10 PoS currencies are: Pundi-X IOStoken Cosmos Waves Qtum VeChain Tron NEM Neo EOS