On April 10, Fidelity Digital Assets announced in a press release that Christine Sandler would become the company's new head of Sales Marketing. She previously worked as the head of institutional sales for Coinbase, which is one of the largest digital currency exchanges in the United States.

Sandler's new job at Fidelity comes with a pair of responsibilities. First, she will be in charge of providing support for the company's institutional clients. She will also be responsible for expanding the company's presence in new markets.

Prior to working for Coinbase, Sandler worked at Barclays Investment Bank, where she was the Head of Equity Electronic Sales for all the Americas. She also worked for NYSE Euronext as an Executive Vice President and Global Head of Sales, and she worked at the investing and wealth management company Merrill Lynch, as both a buy-side trader and Head of Electronic Sales.

At the start of March of this year, Fidelity Digital Assets began operations while serving a very limited number of customers. At the time, the company said that, while it continues to serve this limited number of companies, it will slowly expand their operations.

Tom Jessop, who is the head of Fidelity Digital Assets, indicated that, when they began operations, the company was still in the process of developing parts of its platform. He further indicated that some of its clients had been using the platform since the beginning of the year, while other clients would not be using it until the fall of this year. He said that it all depended on both the needs and circumstances of each of its unique customers.

In other personnel-related news in the digital currency industry, it is being reported that Mike Blandina, who previously worked as an engineering executive at both Google and PayPal, will join Bakkt as the company's chief product officer. Bakkt offers a Bitcoin trading and custody platform, and Blandina will be tasked for leading the company's development of a trustworthy digital assets ecosystem that utilizes payment use cases. This will help the company eventually roll out useful applications for Bitcoin and other digital currencies.