DLive is a live streaming platform that is based on blockchain will be joining the BitTorrent ecosystem. DLive will bring live streaming and peer-to-peer content sharing to over 100 million monthly BitTorrent users that are active on the platform.

CEO of BitTorrent, Justin Sun that the future is in decentralized content platforms because of censorship from Google and YouTube’s ban on crypto-content. He stated that it’s unfortunate that YouTube decided to take down crypto-related content, as this is a significant problem for centralized agencies.

The future will be decentralized content platforms like with TRON’s latest partnership with DLive. These are the platforms of the future.

DLive is one of the top live streaming platforms that is blockchain-based. It is also a highly successful platform with a devoted live stream community and over five million monthly users. Notable YouTubers that have joined DLive include Jack Black, Ninja, PewDiePie, and James Charles.

Sun states that DLive is one of the top examples in the real world of the fantastic things that are possible with digital media and blockchain. Live media producers consider DLive to be a great solution. Live streaming content is valuable, and centralized social media platforms often take advantage of their users’ hard work.

Sun also noted that BitTorrent looks forward to the partnership with DLive because of the value it brings to the world combined with TRON and BitTorrent’s global community of passionate creators. He also mentioned that the BTFS network is free of a centralized authority allowing DLive to become fully decentralized with the partnership.

DLive is currently built on the Lino blockchain and will migrate to the TRON blockchain because of the collaboration. TRON merged with BitTorrent in the summer of 2018 with the focus of joining their systems together. The goal was to develop the world’s most massive decentralized protocols for file sharing.

DLive will support the Lino blockchain right up until the move to the TRON blockchain is completed. DLive will also offer incentives and benefits to existing users to encourage them to move from the Lino blockchain onto BitTorrent.

The BTFS network will be launched in the first quarter of 2020.