The month of June 2021 will go down in history as one of the most bearish for day traders and long-term investors alike. It is unclear whether Bitcoin will be able to recover from the thrashing it has sustained over the last few weeks, but at least we have some interesting fundamental developments to digest.

Here are a few things we believe will drive demand for Bitcoin and the upcoming two weeks of high prices.

In the coming weeks, we should see the full scale of the market for Bitcoin on Wall Street. This could potentially be one of the largest days to sell out of Bitcoin since the initial volume spike earlier this year. Bitcoin is the new gold, and token miners are betting on seeing some of the largest price gains on the entire digital currency scene in recent history.

This could be a very important week for Bitcoin's price gains. Bitcoin is the "next big thing," according to some of the most prominent day traders on Wall Street.

Speaking of mining, China continues to crack down on large-scale miners operating within its borders, but some of them are already moving to Kazakhstan. The Communist Party of China wants full control of the digital currency sector, which means pushing the digital version of the of the yuan and running all potential competitors, especially Bitcoin, out of town.

We stay in China for our next piece of fundamental news. Electronic payments giant AliPay continues to attract investors and announce new projects. The latest AliPay venture consists of issuing thousands of non-fungible tokens that represent ancient artifacts from the Mogao Caves, which used to be a significant stop for traders on the Silk Road.

What is particularly interesting about this AliPay project is that it has the backing of a cultural research institute highly respected by the Communist Party. It should be noted that AliPay is owned by the Alibaba Group, which has been at odds with Chinese financial regulators, so this non-fungible token project could be interpreted as being a gesture of good faith between AliPay and the government.