Glance Technologies Inc., which is a mobile payments processing company based in Canada, is adding support for Bitcoin payments. Called "Pay with Bitcoin," this new feature lets Glance Pay customers link their account with a digital currency wallet. They then can use Bitcoin to buy Glance Dollars, which is the internal currency their customers use to make payments with selected merchants. This internal currency is what allows their customers to make incredibly fast payments, as opposed to payments made directly with cryptocurrencies. Desmond Griffin, who is the CEO at Glance Technologies, stated in a company press release that they are focused on constantly developing payment technology so that their platform remains on the forefront of what is possible. He went on to say that with "Pay with Bitcoin," Glance is letting their users get full value of their digital assets by letting them use these assets for everyday purchases. He also says that the feature seamlessly allows their merchants to accept new and cutting-edge payment methods. The company's merchants will actaully receive their payments in fiat currency, allowing them to avoid any currency risks. Glance is not the only Canadian company that has recently added support for Bitcoin. Birks Group, which is a large Canadian jewelry manufacturer and retailer, has also began accepting Bitcoin payments. They are doing this through an agreement with BitPay, which is a leading U.S. cryptocurrency payment processor. Just this week, the U.S. state of Ohio became the first American state to accept tax payments in Bitcoin. Like with the Birks Group, it is doing so through an agreement with BitPay. At the moment, the option is only available to business entities in Ohio, but the state plans to eventually expand it to include individual taxpayers as well. Right now, Bitcoin is trading at a little under $4,280. This is just slightly higher than what it was trading at the day before, but it is significantly higher than the $3,732 it was trading at on Monday.