Many crypto investors may recall the Dogecoin partnership with NASCAR a few years back. The Litecoin Foundation is also looking to get its token mainstream media attention by sponsoring a UFC event. In an effort to promote the widespread acceptance of digital currency, the Litecoin Foundation announced on December 26 that it would be the official cryptocurrency sponsor of the upcoming UFC title fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson. The principals of the Litecoin Foundation believe that the sponsorship is an important step toward getting more people to accept crypto as a means of exchange. The partnership is the latest example of cryptocurrencies merging with sports platforms for promotional purposes. Soccer clubs in Brazil and France have recently developed their own blockchains for the distribution of tokens. The tokens can be used by fans to make purchases of tickets and team apparel. These developments come as legalized online sports betting is gaining a foothold in the US. Multiple states have either legalized online sports betting or are in the process of doing so. Litecoin was introduced in 2011 as a more efficient alternative to Bitcoin. The expectations for the token were initially very high. Despite obtaining a large market capitalization, Litecoin never fulfilled its promised potential as a challenger to the world's most popular crypto token. The Litecoin Foundation believes that the issue is one of marketing. The developers of the token assert that more visibility for crypto tokens is likely to entice new investors to enter the cryptocurrency market. This may be a good time to do so. Market prices continue to hover far below the numbers that were produced in 2017. The UFC is one of the world's most recognized sports brands. It should be able to provide the global exposure that Litecoin is seeking for its product.