Here are the top 5 digital currency performers of the week: 1. Binance Binance has been buoyed by the company's recent successful offerings made through its Launchpad platform, which include the Fetch.AI and BitTorrent tokens. The exchange's digital currency has risen by nearly 175% since December of last year. The currency's current resistance point is at $12. If it can break out of this, it could reach $15 or $18. Even if it dips, many believe that it will be a minor, and this could be a signal for a long-term buy. 2. Bitcoin SV Bitcoin SV has benefited from the news that a payment processor called CoinGate has listed the currency. Also, Vebitcoin, which is a digital currency exchange in Turkey, has recently listed the currency. Experts believe that if the currency can rise above $71.50, it could rise all the way to $124. Conversely, a fall below $58 could lead to a drop down to $38.5. 3. Litecoin Litecoin has been helped by its partnership with a kickboxing league called Glory. It is now the official cryptocurrency of the league and will be used for both events and merchandise. The currency's current resistance point is at around $47. If it can break through this, experts believe that it could rise to $69 and even to $94. However, if it falls through the resistance point, it could fall to $40 and even below $30. 4. Ripple Ripple has received lots of positive news of late. Leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced support for it, and Nasdaq will list an index that will track Ripple's price. Researchers at Binance also declared that JPMorgan Chase's new interbank stablecoin will likely not threaten Ripple right away. The currency's resistance point is now a little under $0.28. It could break through this and rise to $0.40 or fall to $0.245. 5. Dash Dash has become a popular cryptocurrency for people in inflation-stricken Venezuela. Also, CoinBene, which is a Brazilian exchange, recently announced support for it. If the currency can break above $103, experts think that it could rise to $174 or even to $224. But if it does not break through, it could fall below $56.