On Thursday, October 31, the cryptocurrency markets mostly had sideways trading. Most of the changes of the top 20 coins did not exceed a 1 percent swing in either direction on the day. Bitcoin has been trading sideways and hovering around the $9,100 mark. It bounced up from a low of $8,960 earlier in the day and ended up with a loss of 0.74 percent at the end of the day.

Bitcoin has had to fight in order to hold its current value. Traders are wondering if the Xi pump to $10,540 was a fluke. It happened after Chinese President Xi called for China to boost its development of blockchain. A Bitcoin analyst tweeted that order books on Coinbase had a glitch, and a slight flash crash dropped Bitcoin to $7,700. They still don't know why.

Ether's value is around $182.50 per coin. It lost around 0.75 percent of its value by the end of October 31. An industry analyst said that Ether has some resistance at the $196 level. If Ether can crack it, the value could go as high as $235.70.

XRP's trading level has been flat for the day of October 31. It is the third-largest coin by market capitalization level. It trades at $0.295 per coin. Its value was down 0.47 percent for the day. It has had a higher trading volume, but that volume had no considerable effect on its value.

Overall the top 20 coins are seeing small losses. Bitcoin SV and NEO were the worst-performing of the top 20 coins on October 31. They each lost about 6 percent of their trading value. Cosmos had an impressive gain of about 5 percent in the past 24 hours. Chainlink, trading under Link, boasted a 4.6 percent gain for October 31. The total cryptocurrency market cap is around $245.2 billion. Bitcoin makes up 67.5 percent of the total market capitalization.