A few big changes were made with Kadena, leading to a 500% increase. NFT capabilities, Ethereum support, and recent listings are essentially the reasons of the recent increase. Keep reading to learn more.

About Kadena

Some would consider POW, or proof-of-work, blockchain to be old technology but not Kadena. The folk at Kadena reinvented the wheel, utilizing something called braided chains to increase the possible transactions per second on POW to nearly 500,000.

In recent weeks Kadena's price shot up significantly, eventually reaching $25.94 on Nov. 7.

Bridging to Ethereum

Via Twitter, Kadena announced that Wrapped Kadena, ticker $wKDA, will soon appear on Ethereum-based indexes everywhere. This is significant news for Kadena. They will be able to reach a broader audience, working inside a completely different type of blockchain.

Kadena plans to continue cross network expansions. Networks like Terra, Polkadot, Celo, and Cosmos are still on their radar.

Bridging to Ethereum could also help lessen the supply of circulating $KDA, which bodes well for the health of the currency in the future.

NFTs with Kadena

NFTs are becoming quite the big deal. Every week a new artist or collector pops up with a slew of valuable, highly sought NFTs.

Kadena will be focusing on gaming NFTs with their UFO Token. UFO was created using Kadena's POW blockchain and Pact, a type of smart contract. With this new offering, they hope to lead company's into the next generation of gaming on blockchain.

NFTs have proven to bring more eyes on the cryptocurrency world. This may work similarly for Kadena's exposure. They have already began to appear on more indexes.


Nearly 800,000 $KDA was deposited onto CoinMetro as soon as $KDA staking went. Both Kadena and CoinMetro consider this a huge success. This likely means that Kadena's coin holders are excited for $KDA's future, predicting longevity and growth with the currency.