A February 26th report by Diar, a blockchain research firm, uncovers evidence regarding Ripple’s (XRP) violation of Coinbase’s listing guidelines. This is despite the fact that they have added additional support for their altcoin on Coinbase’s Pro platform. Coinbase’s Digital Asset Framework states that any ownership stake that the team retains is only a minority stake. Ripple currently holds about 60% of the escrow supply including a release schedule according to Diar. Coinbase Pro is a U.S.-based cryptocurrency trading platform. Coinbase’s wallet service just added support for XRP on February 25th. Coinbase mentioned in their announcement that full XRP trading would soon be available to customers in Australia, Singapore, the UK, the EU, Canada, and the United States. They also plan to eventually expand their services to other countries. XRP’s reaction to the news was prompt regarding their listing on Coinbase Pro. According to CoinMarketCap, this coin was a huge winner that day, reaching $0.337. This follows a slow decline from the normal weekly high of $0.341 on February 19th. In January, Messari, a cryptocurrency analytics firm, published a report implicating that XRP’s overall market capitalization may be overvalued by almost $6 billion dollars. The report further notes that their liquid circulating supply may also be overestimated by 48%, which puts the real market cap at $6.9 billion dollars instead of the $13 billion dollars that was originally reported by CoinMarketCap. Ripple’s earnings report for the 4th quarter of 2018 states that the company sold about $535.56 million dollars’ worth of XRP. 3 Billion XRP was released from cryptographic escrow while about 2.4 billion was returned. According to the statement, the other 600 million XRP that didn’t return to escrow is being used in many ways to support their ecosystem. As of today, XRP has decreased by 2.48% and at press time was trading at around $0.319.