Bitcoin and Ethereum's recent sideways price and high transaction fees are making other altcoins more attractive. Constellation (DAG) is gaining attention in the market, reaching a record high on July 10.

Constellation is an open source framework with a decentralized value-based network. The network, known as Hypergraph, is fast and scalable. There is a reward layer for validators on the distributed nodes. Hypergraph can support millions of transactions per month.

DAG stands for directed acrylic graph. It differs from the distributed ledger technology used by many cryptocurrencies for their network architecture. A connected chain of blocks is secure, but scalability can prevent mass adoption. Pending transactions can take a long time for confirmation. DAGs go in one direction and don't loop back. With no blocks, there's no mining required. There's still proof of work done that validates previous transactions.

Constellation supports feeless transactions for their cryptocurrency $DAG. Their blockchain-like solution is ideal for businesses and organizations because Constellation eliminates many of the traditional hurdles that exist. Constellation is even better than other DAGs because it scales horizontally and infinitely for big data. There's no limit to the amount of data it can handle.

It's a great opportunity for blockchain entrepreneur to develop scalable business with Constellation (DAG). JVM and Scala are the primary programming languages which makes it easier to find developers to build new applications.

Constellation, with its DAG token, has many practical, real-world applications. Current ecosystem partners include the United States Airforce, OAI and Amazon Web Services. Other US Federal Government agencies are also using Constellation’s technology to secure big data. There partnerships are expected to increase DAGs value as a token because it is bound to the value of big data. The Constellation Network's CEO and co-founder, Ben Jorgensen, is highly optimistic about the company's future and the DAG token's recent rally shows they are on the right path.