Cryptocurrency investors have taken some solace in signs that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other tokens may finally be poised to break the bearish trends of 2018. Recent days have shown most tokens either making small gains or holding steady while news of institutional involvement with the blockchain dominates crypto news. Some exchanges like Gemini have also begun to call for regulations for the industry, offering a medium that governmental agencies might be able to better accept. All of these factors have combined to get Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Stellar off to an optimistic start in 2019.January 7, 2019 Cryptocurrency Price Analysis Bitcoin appears to be targeting a breakthrough of the $5,500 level, a critical move that could signal a long-term recovery. The 20-day EMA and RSI for the token point to a consolidation, but the signals still recommend a buy at this time. Ethereum is holding steady, but some indicators are pointing toward a reversal of the long-term trend. Resistance is set at $167.32, and a move above this important level could indicate that the token is headed for $225. Ripple looks ready to consolidate after a protracted period in a downward channel. Traders should be ready to buy when the token closes above $0.40. A $0.33 stop loss level is recommended. Falling below this level could herald another drop. Bitcoin Cash has made a crucial break out of its downward channel, but the target of $239 is still in doubt. If the token manages to cross this threshold, it could move higher to $307. The projection on the downside is that the token could fall as low as $100. Investors are cautioned to watch the movements closely before making a decision. EOS and XLM continue to provide some investment opportunities in the short-term. While prices are low investors may be able to capitalize on small moves with a sizable buy. These tokens have shown slightly more stability that many other altcoins on the market.