Nakamoto is a news outlet that covers stories within the world of cryptocurrencies. It was launched on January 3rd with the intention of allowing leaders within the industry to share pertinent content.

The "about" section of the platform's website stated that the purpose of the venue was to publish cultural, philosophical, and technical writing about the crypto industry that is of interest to both experts and beginners. The site mentions that all contributors to Nakamoto must remain "pro-Bitcoin" as a shared value.

Despite this desire, it seems that many of the active contributors to Nakamoto are also leading communities currently rivaling BTC. For instance, Michale Arrington is a contributing writer despite being a founder of BTC competitor Arrington XRP Capital. Arrington's first piece was published on Nakamoto on January 3rd.

Roger Ver, a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, also contributes to the publication. The co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Butlerian is another writer. This seemingly apparent conflict of interest has led to a lot of controversies as the site maintains that writers need to be pro-Bitcoin despite many writers being in charge of other initiatives.

The Controversy Surrounding Nakamoto's Telegram Channel

A contributor team that isn't 100% aligned with Bitcoin isn't the only controversial thing happening for Nakamoto. Recently, the page's associated Telegram page was recently switched to "read-only mode." The page was originally created for the same reason as the site: to allow people within the community to share thoughts about the platform and its content.

Users of the Telegram account recently saw a pinned message from the Nakamoto admin(s) that announced the page had been put into a "read-only mode" due to spambots and trolls. To make matters more confusing, the chat group is run by Hudson Jameson, the community manager for the Ethereum Foundation. Zooko Wilcox and Vitalik Buterin, who work for the Electric Coin Company also help to manage the group.

There's some suspicion that these members who support ventures unrelated and even competitive to BTC might end up using the platform for other crypto-related content more in line with their pursuits. This is all speculation and followers will have to wait to see what develops with the Nakamoto channel.