If you've got any cryptocurrency, then you probably need at least one software wallet. Depending on your specific needs, you might even need more than one. Fortunately, there are good options for staking, storage, and swapping.


This wallet is the first one to enable inter-blockchain communication for users of the Cosmos network who can store and access their tokens in that ecosystem. Connect to over 15 networks, as more chains are added regularly as time goes by. Use this app on both iOS and Android. This is the only wallet on this list not rumored to have its own token coming down the pipe, but given its popularity and growth, you never know what the future holds.


Solana network users have access to this browser extension and software wallet. It has an included DEX that lets you do direct swaps inside the software so you don't have to pay fees to other exchanges or risk visiting a scammer's website. Phantom also has rumors of launching its own token that might land first in the hands of early adopters, although the developers haven't actually commented on it yet. You can also use an NFT tracking feature that lets you do transactions with certain marketplaces.


This option started initially for support of Ethereum's blockchain and the decentralized apps that operate on it. Now, you can get it either as an extension for your browser or as an app on your smartphone. Use it to transfer tokens between hundreds of different blockchain networks. At the time of writing, there was growing speculation that MetaMask was looking to release its own token in the near future.

Trust Your Options

These are just three of many options in terms of software wallets for your crypto. They're highly reputable and trustworthy, however, as millions of users already have put their faith in them.