For 10 years, blockchain, Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies have been disruptive to hedge funds, law enforcement, healthcare, banking, real estate and other industries. These cryptocurrencies and technologies will revolutionize many more industries, too. Even with all the enthusiasm, many of the world's richest people have demonstrated mixed opinions about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Here are some of their opinions.

Jeff Bezos Bezos is the world's richest man with an estimated net worth of $130 billion as of 2019. He founded Amazon and may have invested in Bitcoin. None of the rumors about Bezos' investments have been confirmed. He does have a blockchain development related to cloud computing, called Kaleido.

Bill Gates Gates' net worth exceeds $10 billion. He has been among the world's richest people for a long time. Gates has spoken about Bitcoin positively in the past, but more recently said that the anonymity of it is not good. He added that cryptocurrencies are completely speculative.

Warren Buffett Buffett has always been critical of cryptocurrencies. He has called it "not a currency" and a mirage. He did add that he is open to new technologies. He does not own cryptocurrencies and has no plan to invest in what he says has zero value.

Bernard Arnault Arnault has a large business empire, mostly related to luxury goods. He has supposedly paired with Microsoft Azure and ConsenSys in order to set up a blockchain platform. He rejected involvement in a Belgian cryptocurrency trading firm.

Larry Ellison Ellison is the co-founder o Oracle. He has made positive remarks about blockchain technology.

Mark Zuckerberg Zuckerberg is pro blockchain and pro cryptocurrency. He tried to launch a stable coin called Libra through Facebook. He thinks cryptocurrencies could improve Facebook in the years to come.

Michael Bloomberg Bloomberg has a mostly positive view on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He believes cryptocurrencies are an important class of assets that needs more government oversight.

Ray Dalio Dalio has concerns about the global economy and monetary policies of nations.

Elon Musk Musk has no official opinion on Bitcoin, but he thinks it is mostly used for illegal activities.