Here are the top 5 performing cryptocurrencies during the past week: 1. Stellar Stellar rallied on the heels of a number of positive news stories. First, on March 13, Coinbase Pro announced that they would support it. Then, Denelle Dixon, who was once Mozilla's chief operating officer, was appointed chief executive officer of the Stellar Development Foundation. Finally, it was reported that IBM wants to create a stablecoin for cross-border banking payments that would involve the digital currency. 2. Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin Cash was the second-best performing cryptocurrency for the week. It did this in spite of the fact that there was no fundamental reason for its uptick. Though the currency has a long history of rises and falls. Its resistance point right now is at $239. If it breaks through this level, many expect that it could rise all the way to $400. But if it falls below this level, it could fall all the way to $100. 3. Cardano Cardano rose after it was announced that the European Commission's International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications would include the currency as a founding member. The currency is currently trying to break out of a range that goes from about $0.037 to $0.051. Traders are waiting to see right now if either breaks through the upper range or falls through the bottom one. 4. Dash Like Stellar, Dash rose on the heels of many positive news stories this week. First, it has been used extensively in crisis-stricken Venezuela. It is also being used in a new charity system called Dash Text, which requires no third parties to facilitate donations. Finally, Equicex Group, which provides privacy-focused debit cards, plans to integrate the currency. 5. Monero Monero has also benefited from some good news this week. On March 9, they completed a hard fork that reportedly improves its security, privacy and performance. After the update, the currency's hash rate decreased by a whopping 90%. Also, Binance, which is currently the world's top cryptocurrency exchange, began support for the trading of two new Monero pairs.