Decentralized finance technology (DeFi) is changing the cryptocurrency playing field in many ways. Initially, DeFi was seen as a savior of the Ethereum network, which seemed to be buckling under the weight of too many ERC20 tokens. Even with the London upgrade of the ETH layer-one blockchain, questions still remain with regard to its ability to complete transactions, allow mining operations, and charge reasonable fees; none of these would be possible without DeFi layer-two projects that are keeping Ethereum in play, and this is why some DeFi tokens are rising to prominence. But there is still much to learn about this new ecosystem, and the best way to acquire valuable knowledge is through DeFi education, which includes both technical education and basic financial literacy.

If you are interested in learning more about DeFi, the best thing to do is to check out DeFi resources that include educational material. Some of these offer free lessons that will teach you what you need to know in order to get started with DeFi. Others offer in-depth e-books and educational material that offer a comprehensive overview of DeFi. They may also include more technical education as well.

If you are ready to jump into DeFi token trading, the first thing you should know is that it is no different from BTC and ETH trading. To this effect, here is the DeFi token currently posting trading volumes that compete against Ethereum:

Avalanche is a privacy-oriented blockchain project that aims to address the current issues with blockchain privacy, most notably, the blockchain address is publicly known and associated with an IP address and in some cases, even email address. AVAX can be thought of as a ‘private blockchain’ solution that solves the IP and email address privacy issues for individuals, organizations, and enterprises.

As more people began getting their feet wet in cryptocurrencies, they realize the importance of privacy, and specifically, the importance of privacy in the blockchain space. This led to the recent rise of AVAX, which seems to be one of the most attractive and affordable coins on the market. For those who have started dabbling in cryptocurrencies, AVAX should be an appealing coin to buy and hold, as it has a lot of potential to rise in value.