Sunday was another down day for most of the top digital currencies. This is especially true of Bitcoin, which once more fell below the $3,900 threshold, even if did not fall much. Losing less than 1%, Bitcoin fell to $3,880. It is down considerably from its week high of $4,271, which it achieved on Monday. It is also down from its price at the start of the week, which was $4,011. On the other hand, it is still well above its week low of $3,642, which happened on Friday. Ripple, which is the second largest digital currency by market value, held its $0.399 price on Sunday. While this price is considerably lower than the currency's week high of $0.446, which it achieved on Monday, it is above its price at the beginning of the week, which was $0.367. Ethereum is just behind Ripple in terms of market capitalization and has been gaining on it. It is currently trading at $139 after starting the day at $136. Like Bitcoin and Ripple, the currency is below its week high but higher than its price at the beginning of the week. It started the week at $129 and on Monday reached a high of $157. Ethereum was not the only cryptocurrency among the top 20 that saw gains on Sunday. Other gainers included Dash and EOS (both at almost 3%), Cardano (1%) and NEM (0.75%). NEO rose the most percentage-wise, rising 3.5% for the day. The total market value of all cryptocurrencies stands right now at around $130 billion. This week, it fell $3 billion, but it is still $10 billion above its week low of $120 billion. Though it is also $17 billion off its week high of $147 billion, which it reached on Monday. In other cryptocurrency news, investors of NVidia have filed a class action lawsuit against the company in response to the stock losing more than 50% of its value this year. The company, which is currently the worst performer of the year in the S&P 500, suffered significant losses due to lowered demand for GPUs used in cryptocurrency mining rigs.