For the past month or so, Bitcoin has been hovering around the neighborhood of $10,000. For those who suffered through the crypto winter of 2018, this kind of stability can even be a bit comforting. However, those who have been prepping for a bull market are impatient and would prefer to see the currency skyrocketing back to the heights of $20,000. But Bitcoin enthusiasts are not daunted by the recent stagnation, with many crypto experts weighing in to express their beliefs that it's time for institutional investors to get involved with crypto. Of course, institutions were reticent to get involved with crypto during the recent difficult times. But now that crypto has appeared to staked a foothold around the $10,000 mark, it seems as though important financial institutions are once again circling around the idea of incorporating crypto into their portfolios.

And as Bitcoin has stabilized, altcoins have followed in the same direction. However, this usually tends to be the case. Where Bitcoin goes, Ethereum and the other altocins seem to follow. Although Ripple (XRP) is one of the most hotly contested, controversial coins out there, it has also remained relatively even for the past few weeks. Meanwhile, Monero has been making some modest gains and Litecoin is also seeing some upwards action.

For a market mostly known for its intense fluctuations, crypto has been remarkably even as of late. Of course, as anyone who's been involved with the market already knows, things can change at the drop of a hat when it comes to crypto. One Twitter comment or one announcement from a big financial company can alter the course of everything. But if Bitcoin is to break through in a big way, there seems to be a consensus that the support of institutions is essential. In the coming months and years, we will know a lot more about how the future of crypto will shake out.