Germany is one of the handfuls of nations that are ahead of the curb in many regards, and that includes crypto-currency adoption. The National Tourism Center (GNTB) of the country is now taking various forms of crypto-currencies as a payment method for their services.

The staff of the GNTB claims that they are always looking for new ways to remain compatible with new technology trends. They feel that cryptocurrency is a digital trend that should not be ignored and now is a great time to be an early adopter. They are also interested in blockchain technology for their own internal payment system.

Considering that the Tourist Center also works with the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, This can have implications that Bitcoin adoption may come to other parts of the German government. The GNTB alone has 32 agencies around the world so it is not a minor part of the government.

This move is completely legal and endorsed by the federal government. The Federal Ministry of Finance had set the precedent that crypto-currencies are legal tender, which leads to public and private organizations having the freedom to implement them in their business models. The government had also regulated ICO projects, meaning that there may be further opportunities in the future in Germany.

About the GNTB

The GNTB has been operation since 1948 and their goal is to attract tourism and investment into the country. They communicate the message that Germany is a desirable place to visit in a variety of methods and languages. Specifically, they try to promote specific themes, attractions, and lifestyles in order to create desire towards the country.

This wing of the government is also in charge of important market research in relation to tourism and foreign partner companies. They try to analyze and implement market trends within the past 10 years and they publish thorough documentation of their findings.

They also report annual brochures showing reports about tourism in the country. You may find these reports in PDF format on their official website. They also keep themselves open to international partnerships with both governments and companies.