Imagine a dark, futuristic dystopian post-apocalyptic world. This world is filled with strange and oddly fascinating things. Imagine now the beings in this world, and how they do not look quite human but they don’t look quite entirely animal either. In this world, it is a quest for dominance, and these human-animal hybrids are duking it out for top billing in the pecking in this peculiar new world. Such is the backdrop of Glitch Goons, Estonian game developer Ether Dale’s new cryptopunk game. Slated for release in late November of this year, this game will pit online players against each other and allow them to purchase items prior to the release of the game in order to upgrade their characters and get them ready for war. An advanced character management system allows all players to develop their characters and expand on their attributes. Simply put, the game will be one part ingenuity, another part imagination, another part determination and yet another part tenacity. Of course, the greatest thing about Glitch Goons would have to be the players’ ability to take part in tournaments and earn prizes for their prowess. The presale of this game began on October 22, 2018 and the prizes will be taken straight from the revenue gained by the presale. Until around mid-November, potential Glitch Goons enthusiasts will be able to purchase two types of war chests: exclusive item packages and GameCoin tokens, which are valued at 1 GC = $1 ≈ 0.005 ETH. The item package will have a number of random items. New Glitch Goons enthusiasts can expect such items as armor, weapons, necklaces, helmets and many other essentials for doing battle with their human-animal hybrid character. These items are only going to be sold once and not after the game has been launched. Ether Dale is hoping to capitalize on the success he had with his first game creation, Ether Quest. Like his first game, Glitch Goons has the appealing characteristic of rarity and it also hopes to introduce a new financial tool with blockchain. He also seeks to expand on the freedom users of the first game. In Glitch Goons, users will also be able to create, modify and even trade their own characters. Should be an exciting for online gamers and also a great way for them to make a profit in Bitcoin by winning some of their tournaments!