On April 5, the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange announced that Hashstac, which is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, was developing a platform for issuing tokens. Hashstac is developing the platform in cooperation with STO Global-X, which is a technology company based in Singapore.

The platform, which will be called the Tokenized Securities Exchange, will let both stock exchanges and certain financial institutions issue tokens. It will further improve not only the trading of the digital assets but also the clearing and settling of them.

The platform will integrate Hashstacs' Securities Asset Trading Classification Settlement network with STO Global-X’s tokenization technology. Both the token exchange and its associated trading platform will include the latest in security technology, including both military-grade encryption and multi-factor authentication.

Nick Cowan, who is the CEO of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, said in the statement that, with the increased interest in tokenized securities across the world, they are proud to partner with STO Global-X to create this powerful new tokenization platform. They see it as part of the core services they provide to financial institutions.

Floyd DCosta, who is the CEO of STO Global-X, also commented on the announcement. He said that together the two companies were forging what he called a "new digital tokenized securities paradigm."

In December of 2018, Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, which, like Hashstac, is a subsidiary of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange Group, announced that it would be offering insurance for all digital assets that are available on its platform. It is offering this service in cooperation with another Gilbralter-based company called Callaghan Insurance Brokers. The insurance covers all digital assets that the exchange has custody over, which includes those kept in both cold and hot storage. The insurance further provides protection against "all forms of professional indemnity."

The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange began operations in July of 2018. In total, the exchange has raised $27 million of funding. Just in the last day alone, the exchange had a trading volume of $1.5 million. This makes the exchange at the moment the 126th largest digital asset exchange in the world.