Only one day after two of the biggest players in decentralized finance said that they were going to integrate layer-two setups in their side chains of Polygon, a big non-fungible token and gaming name announced that it will do the same thing. In a blog from non-fungible token-powered world and video game provider Decentraland, the business announced that it is going to set up a token bridge that will enable each user to shift their native MANA coins back and forth to and from Polygon. As of Friday April 2, MANA is the 80th most valuable ranked token as rated by the market cap. It has risen more than 3,750% for the year. Its current value is $1.01.

This is a key first step in a long process that will result in a large migration. The project will apply to all of the apps offered by Decentraland. This includes its Builder and marketplace options for a user to conduct a transaction on its platform for Polygon. Beyond the fast settlement time for a transaction, the planned integration will also make it easier for a user to save money. There will not be any fees. There is usually a transaction fee on Polygon. Even though it is a fraction of a cent, it adds up. Decentraland said that it will leverage in its plan to eliminate fees on meta transactions. Doing this will enable an account holder to buy, sell, trade or claim a wearable avatar on Polygon. They won't have to use any third-party platforms to finish a transaction.

According to Decentraland, a final benefit of this planned integration is that it will allow a user to buy MANA tokens with the credit and debit cards they already have. This will be done through a cryptocurrency on and off ramp powered by Transak. Transak will integrate with Polygon. This upcoming migration is a huge win for Polygon as it races to scale up its services compared to the chronic gas costs that are plaguing Ethereum. Polygon branded itself as a fresh firm from Matic. Now it is powering forward.