XinFin is an open-source, hybrid blockchain platform and protocol that seeks to improve the world of commerce and the finance sector, specifically, by implementing decentralized blockchain infrastructure across these spaces. Rather than just being a blockchain protocol, which cannot be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, XinFin is powered by the XDC token, which is short for XinFin Digital Contract.

The program hit the ground running in April 2018 and eventually launched the XinFin Digital Contract digital asset in Oct. 2020. After recently hitting a low of $0.0673 — expressed in terms of U.S. Dollars — on July 20, 2021, XDC enjoyed a month-long bull rush, bringing its value up some 190% to reach an all-time high of $0.1952 just a week-and-a-half ago, on Aug. 21.

XDC Didn't Hit This All-Time High for No Reason Like anything worth its weight in salt, major players in the cryptocurrency world have sought to establish best practices for cryptocurrencies, other digital assets, and blockchain protocols. The TFD Initiative is a recent effort backed by some of the world's largest financial services market members, such as Deutsche Bank, Banco de Brazil, AIG, the International Chamber of Commerce, and HSBC, to establish widely accepted best practices for all things related to trading assets.

Earlier this month, XinFin was brought on board as the TFD Initiative's first blockchain-related member. This is arguably the biggest reason for XDC recently hitting its all-time high of nearly twenty cents per unit.

A New Decentralized Email Software Hit the Internet, Too Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are inherently decentralized. Among many other benefits, this prevents interest groups or individuals from taking advantage of others. Ultimately, this means of operation brings more power to the people, essentially eliminating major institutions' and groups' abilities to pull a quick one on the public.

LedgerMail was recently announced as one of the world's first decentralized email solutions. Powered by the Pingala Software, LedgerMail uses the XinFin Network to operate. Although this news came out a full two weeks before Aug. 20 — it came out on Aug. 6, 2021 — it still contribute to XDC's recent all-time high.