One of the most interesting sources of insider news about the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain development sector is the Bad Crypto Podcast with Joel Comm and Travis Wright. These two hosts have been involved in the technology sector since the mid-1990s, and they have a solid track record of being able to get insider insights for their podcast.

The latest edition of the Bad Crypto Podcast is certainly worth a listen. Since the digital currency markets are the main focus of the show, things start off with an overview of Bitcoin's tentative recovery, and the emphasis should be placed on tentative because there is very little in the way of fundamental developments to call the recent spike a comeback. After a few minutes of honest market chatter, the hosts shift their attention to more interesting topics, which this time include:

The BitTorrent Harassment Lawsuit

A couple of years ago, the blockchain startup known as Tron made big news with its acquisition of BitTorrent, the company responsible for creating the most actively used peer-to-peer file sharing application on the internet. This was a straight merger, which means that Tron's CEO Justin Sun decided to bring over existing BitTorrent staff. In late January, however, two BitTorrent employees filed a $15 million lawsuit against Sun, and the scandalous complaints range from ethnic discrimination to alleged criminal activity.

Peter Schiff and His Clumsy Handling of Bitcoin Wallets

Libertarian investor and cryptocurrency antagonist Peter Schiff made headlines a couple of weeks ago when he confessed that he could no longer access his digital currency wallet. Schiff did not explain how much the wallet held, but he explained that it was Bitcoin, which just so happened to be on the rise at the time he made the public comments. In the end, Schiff got roasted by cryptocurrency traders because it became clear that he forgot his password and had failed to keep a backup in a safe place. This is a cardinal rule of managing digital currency wallets, and it is surprising to learn that a sophisticated investment banking professional such as Schiff would not practice this simple strategy.